Voxeljet and its VX4000 3D Printer
Voxeljet AG is a leading provider of high-speed, large format 3D printers and on-demand parts services to industrial and commercial customers worldwide. The Company is headquartered in Frieberg, Germany, its shares are listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, and it began providing on-demand parts services to U.S. businesses through voxeljet America, Inc. located near Detroit, Michigan, in 2015. The VX4000 is the world's largest 3D system for sand molds with a build volume of 4 x 2 x 1 meters. The Company's website describes the VX4000 here and its notable work in the architectural and construction sectors here.
Voxeljet VX4000 3D Printer Building
Voxeljet VX4000 3D Printer